🌾Farm until achieve goals...

Q1 | The beginning of everything

Our journey begins with the wonderful task of gathering goods; it only depends on you how much you want to earn...

To get started, you need to know a few concepts:

BOOSTS: They will help you progress towards our main systems (EmpyreanLands). The more Boosts you have, the greater your rewards will be, and you will secure all the airdrops of assets and items to enter the EmpyreanLands and add value to your NFT through the mutation of these items. Additionally, having at least 1 Boost will already include you in the $SOL airdrops. Boosts are purchased with coins, which you can farm on our Discord server.

COINS: These are the currency of our ecosystem and can be farmed through our Discord by completing daily tasks and participating. With these Coins, you can purchase OG ranks and Boosts.

How do I start?

Everything starts on our Discord server...


  • FREE You can start for free by farming coins and participating in $SOL giveaways on our Discord server. These coins will help you purchase various items such as OG or Emperor roles and Boosts. To continue, you will definitely need the Empyrean role. Farming coins is free, but to use the command to buy boosts or obtain OG roles, you will need the Empyrean role. The free way to get it is through giveaways with our collaborations or in giveaways on X or on our Discord server.

  • Obtaining the EMPYREAN role By having the Empyrean role, you will have access to absolutely everything and will be able to start farming and purchasing OG roles and Boosts. You will accumulate 1 Boost for each day you are an Empyrean. If you rank among the top 30 on the Boosts leaderboard, you can receive weekly $SOL airdrops, in addition to the $SOL airdrops that will be made for all Empyreans. Remember, the more Boosts you have, the more $SOL you will receive in these airdrops..

At the launch of our website, you will be able to log in with your Discord and X accounts to retain your farming progress.

To unlock full access to our website, you will need the Empyrean role. Remember, this role helps us filter users and start working in the EmpyreanLands right away. Our Website

On our website, you will find various tasks that you can complete to earn Boosts directly and participate in $SOL drops. You will also have a varied dashboard where you can see different sections, such as the global Boosts leaderboard, the store, and sections that are not yet live, like where your Empyrean will appear or the Boost progress bar where you can track your boost progress and see how much is left to complete the phases.

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