Q3 | EmpyreanLands Begins...

In EmpyreanLands, thanks to your Empyrean Key, you will be able to claim and buy property fractions through blockchain to receive monthly rents directly in your wallet.

Our team will manage these properties to generate monthly rents, and every 5 years these properties will be sold, so you will receive your % plus the increase in value. You will be able to accumulate property fractions indefinitely to generate monthly passive income and increase it over time.

All of this will be presented on our website in a very intuitive and visually pleasing way to offer maximum comfort to our users.

  • Empyrean Key: This will allow you to access the Alpha of our EmpyreanLands systems and will come with fractions already available for you to claim and start generating passive income from the beginning of EmpyreanLands, in addition to enabling other functionalities and exclusive bonuses.

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